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Spectrum Guild  -  We are a GLBT friendly guild focused on providing a friendly and supportive comm...
Spectrum Rage
Garona (US) - 895 users
Spectrum Phoenix
Garona (US) - 901 users
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Welcome! Whether you’re a Hordie (Orcs are SO hot...) or an Alliance-lover (your first toon was a Night Elf, don’t lie…), we have something for you on the Garona server…

A few points of interest:

• History. Over 7 years ago, Spectrum Phoenix and Spectrum Rage were forged from a collection of gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender World of Warcraft players and their gay-friendly straight friends to create a guild-environment free of the discomfort and mindless gay-bashing that seems to run amok in WoW. We continue to grow as more players discover our existence and want a GLBT-friendly family to play with in-game.

• Server Type. The Spectrum guilds operate on the Garona realm, a PVE server. While many of our members melt faces in the Battlegrounds, we don’t have an organized PVP wing.

• Member Support. In addition to guild banks and numerous high-level crafters, Spectrum’s members support each other whenever possible, grouping up to kill yetis, gather murloc fins, or to search old dungeons or raids for transmog pieces. We simply ask our members to be patient about playing schedules. Real life happens, and the fire-breathing whelplings out-of-game must take priority over the ones in-game.

• Instancing/Raiding. Due to the casual gaming attitude of most of our players, Spectrum uses these online forums and Facebook for the scheduling of weekly instance runs (selected through popular vote) and some guild-only raids.

• Getting Started. Being a GLBT-friendly guild is not all baskets and kittens. But what kind of guild, or any group of friends, really is? Our members participate in guild chat, make friends with other members new and old, and get their game on while laughing their fannies off. (They don’t actually come off, unless they're Undead.) If you like what you’re reading, fill out an application.

• (Existing members, if you have not registered on the site yet, get your butt in gear and do it! Don’t make me get the whip. ;-) )

Thanks for checking us out!