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Please vote for your favorite tabard. If your tabard didn't make it into the Google form, please let me know and I'll add ASAP.

Bullet Point Rules:

  • Vote for BOTH factions if you are a bifactional player.
  • You may select three tabards for each faction.
  • If the results are close, we'll have a runoff.
  • Voting closes next week (the week before launch).

I am not collecting email addresses, so you do not need to sign in to fill out the forms. One is for Horde and one is for Alliance. The Horde is red, the Alliance is blue. I pulled the preview link to prevent any confusion. It's a google form. It is safe as google can be.

Links below:

Alliance: https://goo.gl/forms/CfYG1JVDyCiBidzn2

Horde: https://goo.gl/forms/PzGSIMH3Ofw5aHC02

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