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Hey folks, as some of you know, some guildies were interviewed for a gay gaming project in which Matt Baume (great writer from the The Stranger, The Advocate, Huffington Post, etc, and authored Defining Marriage - available on Amazon) traveled cross country with his partner James and interviewed LGBTQ gaymers. They also created a movie/l from that project which was shown at gaymerx. This Saturday, that movie will be live streamed nationally for the first time. I'm excited because it hits two of those things that are a big part of my personal identity, being gay and gaming. Here's a preview of the movie/documentary. I am at about 1:55 and Krissy comes in shortly after me with I believe David Gaider between us (oh). He's the lead Dragon Age writer.
So that paragraph has a lot of info. Here's the shorthand:
When: Saturday November 12, 12 noon Pacific time
You can watch the whole via Matt Baume's live twitch stream, via playingwithpride.com, or I'll be hosting the whole thing on my twitch stream which is www.twitch.tv/implicatedone
You can continue to keep up with the project at www.playingwithpride.com also.
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