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Listed below are popular sites for game information.


Auction Data
The Undermine Journal Garona Alliance
The Undermine Journal Garona Neutral
The Undermine Journal Garona Horde

Basic Information
Wowpedia - Wiki

Class/Gear Information
Arena Junkies - PvP mechanics and gear
Ask Mr. Robot - Gear optimizer
Elitist Jerks - Class mechanics


Icy Veins - Dungeon and raid strategies

Guild Administration
Guild Charter
Officer List
Spectrum Phoenix Armory Page
Spectrum Rage Armory Page

Official Blizzard Stuff
Dev Tracker
Official Forums
Security Authenticator
Server Status

Petopia - Hunter pet guide
Warcraft Pets - Battle and vanity pets

Crafter's Tome - Profession recipes and guides
Wow-professions - Profession leveling guide
WoW Digs - Archaeology information
WoW Dig Site - Archaeology information
El's Extreme Anglin' - Fishing information
El's Inscription - Inscription information

Social Media
Guild Facebook Group

WoW Roleplay Gear
Wowhead Transmog Sets
Posted Jan 2, 13 · OP
Spectrum Phoenix Seer
…and, of course, direct links to the guild armory pages where you can log in to see your guildmates' pets and mounts,
how ugly your leggings are, what dorky pose the site gives your toon, all your achievements as well as the guilds', etc. :)

Spectrum Armory Pages
Spectrum Phoenix
Spectrum Rage
Posted Jan 9, 13