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Please vote for your favorite tabard. If your tabard didn't make it into the Google form, please let me know and I'll add ASAP.

Bullet Point Rules:

  • Vote for BOTH factions if you are a bifactional player.
  • You may select three tabards for each faction.
  • If the results are close, we'll have a runoff.
  • Voting closes next week (the week before launch).

I am not collecting email addresses, so you do not need to sign in to fill out the forms. One is for Horde and one is for Alliance. The Horde is red, the Alliance is blue. I pulled the preview link to prevent any confusion. It's a google form. It is safe as google can be.

Links below:

Alliance: https://goo.gl/forms/CfYG1JVDyCiBidzn2

Horde: https://goo.gl/forms/PzGSIMH3Ofw5aHC02

Hey folks, as some of you know, some guildies were interviewed for a gay gaming project in which Matt Baume (great writer from the The Stranger, The Advocate, Huffington Post, etc, and authored Defining Marriage - available on Amazon) traveled cross country with his partner James and interviewed LGBTQ gaymers. They also created a movie/l from that project which was shown at gaymerx. This Saturday, that movie will be live streamed nationally for the first time. I'm excited because it hits two of those things that are a big part of my personal identity, being gay and gaming. Here's a preview of the movie/documentary. I am at about 1:55 and Krissy comes in shortly after me with I believe David Gaider between us (oh). He's the lead Dragon Age writer.
So that paragraph has a lot of info. Here's the shorthand:
When: Saturday November 12, 12 noon Pacific time
You can watch the whole via Matt Baume's live twitch stream, via playingwithpride.com, or I'll be hosting the whole thing on my twitch stream which is www.twitch.tv/implicatedone
You can continue to keep up with the project at www.playingwithpride.com also.

Margora will be leading the Ally side raid group again, team named Varian's Purse last xpac.  He's listed the sign up on FB and I'm copying here so it is wasy to find. 

His words:  Hey folks, it's that exciting time again as we approach a new expansion! Here is the link for the Alliance side raid team sign-ups. Please follow the example listed in the first entry, and remember any toon or role will be considered, so don't be shy with your interests. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on here. FOR THE ALLIANCE!


Click Here:  Ally Raid Sign Up on Google Docs

Horde Raid Sing-up Sheet

Mooshanks a posted Aug 22, 16


Please fill out if interested in joining the Horde Raid team.  We will be raiding Thursday and Sunday nights.

Thank you!

ImpishOne a posted Jul 18, 16

Thank you Spectrum Rage and Spectrum Phoenix.  The movie was great not just because of the casting, but because of the lifelong friendships we have created.  For Azeroth! 

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I'm with Saurfang.
If interested in joining the Rage raiding team for Tomb of Sargeras, send Growlr or Baltek a message.
Horde raiding schedule will be posted soon, keep an eye out.
Quick question. When do you all raid and where do i sign-up for it? Thank you.