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And one of the raid team's recent kills: 

Want to get to know one of our members just a little bit better?  Please see our newest spotlight on Divvil:

veis "What are you most proud of in-game and in real life?" this question's answer hit right in the feels. also, i ...

Blizzcon! Looking for direct feed to the action?

ImpishOne a posted Nov 3, 14
Spectrum now has a Youtube channel. Look for a Blizzcon preview this week and updates directly from the floor of Blizzcon this weekend.

Hey Folks, we have added our raid signups to Google Docs.  We encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later so the leaders know what they need to fill.  They are going to actively start seeking people to fill the holes soon, so if you've not signed up and are inclined to raid in the new xpac, I encourage you to do so.

Krissy's Group - Alliance


"For Team "Fist of the Warchief" (Ally raid).
The goal and intent I have for our group is first and foremost to have fun and make things be dead. Although I do love to have fun and joke, while raiding and during encounters I want our focus to be on killing the boss and learning the strat.
In order to make this fun AND successful I need EVERYONE INVOLVED to study the fights and watch videos on strategies. Also, ensure that you are gemmed/enchanted CORRECTLY as well as the appropriate glyphs and talents for whichever fight we are on.
Study your class and know your abilities!!!! There have been a lot of changes lately and upcoming through leveling. I'm all about having fun and KILLING BOSSES IS FUN! We are not a hard core raid group but we are a focused and determined one that will conquer the Iron Horde together!!!
Any question please feel free to ask."


Divvil's Group - AJ - Horde


For those looking for info for my horde raid group for after launch, here it is . "That's What She Said" is a progression-lite raid group for those who want more challenge than casual groups and less pressure than hardcore progression raiding.

Pink elephant in the room... now! I know there have been people who wanted to join our group over the years but couldn't because we were full and we had to be selective because of the cap of ten people only. Thankfully people have found a place to raid when other groups started forming in Spectrum. Now with more flexibility in the raid composition, we can take more on that are willing to put in the work. There's nothing cooler than seeing the light bulb go off when it clicks for folks and their dps doubles in a few weeks. It doesn't take long and I bet everyone in my group has a story of when their light bulb went off, I remember when it happened for a lot of them.

With that said, there are some tougher requirements and expectations than casual raiding. I won't hash them out here because I'm kinda long winded and Jo told me I only got one paragraph (I went over). If you'd like to join sign up on the roster Joleen prepared, and if you've never raided with us before I'll message you and go over some of the finer details.

Thanks folks, can't wait for all of the new talent in the new xpac!

Signups:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JwA2Qd5201YcDrcgyOae7oftJiN9sodxl2lBulCFIUw/edit?usp=sharing

Ken's Group - Mooshanks- Horde



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