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This month's spotlight is Gymkata/Santras/Sacrosant. 


Read more here:  http://www.spectrumguild.com/forum/m/6181297/viewthread/11658770-spotlight-sacrosantsantrasgymkata/page/1

Booth At GaymerX

tktappa a posted Mar 7, 14

The Spectrum Guilds Rage and Phoenix have decided to have a booth the GaymerX convention July 11, 12, 13 in San Francisco this year of 2014.  We will need people to help with the booth and with funding.  To that end, we are using Impy’s PayPal account for people to donate.  Even a small donation will help us construct the booth, make t-shirts for those who help out, and buy swag to give away at the convention.  Any funds left over will be used to fund the Ventrilo server and the website.  Any more funds will be donated to a charity to be determined following the con.  If you are unable to donate, please consider contributing to the graphic design (Jeremy Jirek) or sign up for a shift.  If you have any questions, contact the guild leaders (Ken or Tom).

Paypal Address:  jkb1937@gmail.com

It's official, we now how a space on the main floor of GaymerX. We very much hope to see you there! 
16 BIT SPONSOR: 10' x 20' booth space in our Dealer Hall + 5 VIP badges + Special Thanks in our GaymerX Booklet + Your logo on the back of the program. (Add $60 for additional GA badges or $149 for additional VIP badges.)

May 2014

Grace plays both horde and alliance.  Read her spotlight here:


Please follow the link to read more about John and Dianne aka Molasses and Benedicta.


Read it here: 
Alykks I love this, I feel like I got to know you a lot better! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about yourself!! <3
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