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Aug 17 '14
02:00 PM
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Thanks to everyone that helped out or stopped by our booth at GaymerX!  You may also want to ask to join you Facebook pages.  This is our general group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spectrumguilds/
And this is our raiding group:
If you have questions about our other guilds, please post them in the forums.

GaymerX Booth Sign Up

tktappa a posted Jun 27, 14

GaymerX Schedule: I have created a schedule with those I believe are willing to work a shift at GaymerX in a tool called Doodle.  The link to the schedule is here: http://doodle.com/ix6hr9q8qxhg8xvh

Instructions: I apologize profusely if I left you out, spelled your name, or characters name wrong! If you hover over your name you will see a trash can and a pencil on the left side. If you are unable to help out, please delete your name. Make sure the time zone is set to Pacific Time Zone or the times may default to your local time zone. Click on the pencil and update your name as well as click times you are willing to work. The "Save" button is off to the right, you made need to scoll to see it. I have fifteen minutes each day before and after the shifts for people to have a quick stand up meeting about what they observed during the day. Other that the stand up meetings each day, we generally need 3+ people for each shift.

Setup can begin at 9pm on Thursday, if you can help or just want to hang out and drink please be there.  I will have beer wine and sodas.  We are space B2 on this map: http://i.imgur.com/sHxGdzh.png

Tear down is Sunday starting at 4pm, help then would also be appreciated.

Contact: I will be contacting each of you on either Facebook or the www.spectrumguild.com web site with my personal telephone number and e-mail account as you sign up.  If you are unable to show up for a shift, please find someone else on the list to take your shift.  If you cannot find anyone, please let me know as soon as possible and one of the officers will take your shift.

FInally, if you just can’t get the damn Doodle thing to work, let me know what shifts you are willing to work and I will update the schedule.  

tktappa a For those working the booth at GaymerX, the people running the conference would like to have your e-mail address as soon ...
Hel Can't wait to meet everyone!
Mooshanks a Thanks for posting on the schedule. See you in less then 2 weeks.

This months spotlight is Helaina,  Please follow the link to read about her. 


This month's spotlight is Gymkata/Santras/Sacrosant. 


Read more here:  http://www.spectrumguild.com/forum/m/6181297/viewthread/11658770-spotlight-sacrosantsantrasgymkata/page/1

Booth At GaymerX

tktappa a posted Mar 7, 14

The Spectrum Guilds Rage and Phoenix have decided to have a booth the GaymerX convention July 11, 12, 13 in San Francisco this year of 2014.  We will need people to help with the booth and with funding.  To that end, we are using Impy’s PayPal account for people to donate.  Even a small donation will help us construct the booth, make t-shirts for those who help out, and buy swag to give away at the convention.  Any funds left over will be used to fund the Ventrilo server and the website.  Any more funds will be donated to a charity to be determined following the con.  If you are unable to donate, please consider contributing to the graphic design (Jeremy Jirek) or sign up for a shift.  If you have any questions, contact the guild leaders (Ken or Tom).

Paypal Address:  jkb1937@gmail.com

It's official, we now how a space on the main floor of GaymerX. We very much hope to see you there! 
16 BIT SPONSOR: 10' x 20' booth space in our Dealer Hall + 5 VIP badges + Special Thanks in our GaymerX Booklet + Your logo on the back of the program. (Add $60 for additional GA badges or $149 for additional VIP badges.)

May 2014
tktappa a Here is information about GaymerX. I am going to update Doodle based on this and ask people to sign up. "The Expo H ...
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Saw your booth at GAYMERX, great group you have here.
ahh I forgot how much fun Tuesdays were on WOW!!!
Thanks for including me in the guild
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